O'Connor Tennis Club

Court Bookings

The Club has a contractual arrangement with the Canberra Tennis Academy to provide coaching services at the club. As part of this arrangement, the CTA is entitled to exclusive access to the courts for coaching on Saturday mornings, weekdays from 3.30pm – 8pm during term time (7.30pm when CTL matches are being played) and daytime during school holidays.

Outside of these hours the courts are available for public hire and use by club members.

NON-MEMBERS: For casual bookings by non-members, please contact

Andrew Bulley
6257 8749

0418 295 255


OTC MEMBERS: Members can play at any time provided there is a court available.

  • Play is free for members during daylight hours.
  • A fee of $10/hour/court is payable by members if they use the lights.
  • A fee of $5 per guest is payable by members for their guests.

Under the COVID-19 restrictions, members must notify the Club of their court time of usage by email to [email protected].