Ocean Grove Tennis Club Inc

2017/18 Membership Fees

17 September 2017 |

2017/2018 Membership Fees Due 1st October 

Registering and paying via the very straight forward online process will ensure the Club benefits from Tennis Victoria’s registration contribution of $5 per member who pays online, plus it greatly minimises the time spent by committee members reconciling payment details.
As per the AGM, there has been small levy imposed on all fee paying member categories in order to support the Club meet its redevelopment goals.
Within the section that asks for payment for ball fees (for competition players) and access fobs, you will also note optional amounts for additional contribution to the club for redevelopment should any member wish to contribute above the minimum levy amount.
2017-2018 Fee Schedule:
  • ADULT: $100 + $20 min levy
  • FAMILY:$220 +$20 min levy
  • TERTIARY: $80 + $10 min levy
  • JUNIOR: $60 + $5 min levy
  • HOLIDAY (Dec-April):$50


You will be prompted to log in/register after you have selected your membership type.  Once your details have been updated you c then have the option to choose Ball Fees/ Extra Levy / Court Fob as appropriate.  Payment type is then offered: Credit Card is is now available for all members.

It is certainly appreciated that  it may not be possible for everyone to access a computer, so the Exec Committee will also provide opportunities for members to come down and register online at the Club over the coming  weeks in order to help those who may not have access or who may need help with the online system.
Please make contact with Kate Gorman by email to advise if you will have difficulty registering an online account and making payment, this will help us identify how great the need will be to offer support at the Cub. Or alternatively, if online is simply not possible, then Kate will confirm the direct debit process for you.
For further information please contact Kate Gorman , Club Secretary, Ocean Grove Tennis Club.