Ocean Grove Tennis Club Inc

Development Squads


Our coaches, together with OGTC, have a genuine interest in each player’s improvement and performance.
To encourage participation and provide confident, competent players for Junior Pennant and tournament play three programs are available to our Juniors on Friday Evenings to further enhance their weekly coaching.

Squad is by invitation only for players who have shown potential and a serious commitment to their game through competition, regular coaching and tournament play. Squad group participation is based on ability rather than age with participants matched against players of similar ability and strength.  Invitation to participate in Squad at any level is at the discretion of the Junior Committee and Head Coach.

Squads fees are subsidised by the Ocean Grove Tennis Club for eligible* competing Juniors as an incentive to participate in this extra coaching session. Squads run for between 8-10 weeks depending on the school term. Positions are limited: First Squad is limited to a maximum of 16 participants only
Junior Development and Advanced Squad are limited to 20 participants only

Coaches will focus on technical, tactical and fundamental motor skill progressions relevant to the level of squad. Players will work on improving their endurance, strength and flexibility. Intensive drills and match play are also used to further develop and enhance their competitive edge.

Another important aspect of squad is the social element of team play, interacting with others and developing in a team environment. 

Squad training demands effort and intensity in each and every training session. OGTC have an expectation that participants will attend all sessions and put in their utmost effort ensuring that they follow the coaches advice at all times.   Participant numbers are crucial to the effectiveness of the squad session.

A limited number of squad positions may be available to junior pennant players from surrounding clubs if interested.

For further information on our Squad Program email: Junior Squads

* To be eligible for subsidised squad fees participants must be representing OGTC in Junior Pennant and have current coaching sessions with Tennis Fanatics. Squad is not a substitute for normal coaching sessions, it is designed to enhance and reinforce what is taught in a normal coaching session.