2017 Tennis NT Squad Structure

Tennis NT’s Role in NT Athlete Development has changed

To match Tennis Australia’s Changed Talent Structure, in 2017 Tennis NT will run a more extensive squad program in Darwin. Tennis NT is awaiting Tennis Australia’s regional Talent strategy before establishing its own regional strategy.

There are three age categories within the Darwin based program, 12 and under, 13 to 15 and 16+.

12 and under Players: Within the NT, 12 and under players will continue to spend most of their development time within their clubs working with their private coach. Where recommended by the private coach they could spend 1 to 2 sessions per week (more if deemed necessary and appropriate) training within the Tennis NT Squad Program.

13 to 15 Players: Tennis Australia has identified the 13 to 15 age bracket (Birth years 2002 to 2004) as a key area requiring increased attention within the TA National Academy structure. In line with TA, Tennis NT has increased squad hours available to this age group and established a criteria based tier structure to help determine access to training opportunities within the Tennis NT Squad Program.

Note: The criteria is a guide. Performance of similar merit at other events will be considered. A history of representing the NT in team’s events is a decided advantage. Selection after meeting criteria is at the discretion of the Tennis NT Coach & Talent Development Manager (CTDM) with any Appeals to be heard by the Tennis NT Selections Committee. 

Tier 1: Australian Representatives. Selection is entirely with Tennis Australia.

Tier 2: Players that within the current or previous calendar year

  • In Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth win a Gold or two other JT singles events or
  • Win 5 singles matches (at least two main draw and excluding walk overs) at JT Platinum events.

Tier 3: Players that within the current or previous calendar year

Are a finalist at two of the following

  • NT Gold or Silver JT events
  • Interstate JT Events (12 or more players) or
  • Win 2 singles matches (main draw or consolation, excluding walk overs) at JT Platinum events.

Tier 4: Players that

  • Are recommended by their Private Coach for displaying commitment to their development
  • Tennis NT believe will add to the training environment of any squad session.

16 Plus Players: May be offered a training program within the Tennis NT Squad Structure based on level of play,  commitment to Territory Tennis and perceived benefit to the squad program.

Fee Paying Program: Fees will be charged for athletes that accept invitations to train regularly in the program.

Duration: Most Invitations to train in the program are on a semester basis (1/2 year). Some invitations to tier 4 or 16+ athletes may be for shorter duration.

How do I get Involved: Selected players will receive an invitation from Tennis NT into the program. Players who do not receive an invitation but wish to be involved should talk to their private coach or email Tennis NT CTDM expressing their interest and outlining relevant arguments that would support their inclusion.