Roche Race to Sydney

The Roche Race to Sydney is designed for the best players in the state to compete against each other to not only improve their rating, but also have the chance to travel to Sydney to compete in a final.

Roche Race to Sydney will be taken to all regions across the state, to give players the chance to earn the right to be crowned champion of The Roche Race to Sydney in January 2022.

There will be separate Men’s and Women’s Draws for these events.

Male players will need a minimum UTR of 8.00 to enter.
Female players will need a minimum UTR of 7.00 to enter.

Note: Players must be 15 years of age or older to compete.

Event information

  • Five events, with one in each region and two in metropolitan Sydney to be played throughout the year.
  • Compass Draw Events. All players will be guaranteed up to 5 matches over the weekend, with draws being played out to positions.
  • Matches will be the Best of 2 Tiebreak sets, with a 10 point Match Tiebreak to be played should the scores be tied at 1 set all. Short Deuce will also be played.
  • Results from the series will determine qualification for the final to be played in Sydney.

Event Dates

Region Host Venue Date
South East Shoalhaven September 4-5
Central West Parkes September 11-12
North East Sawtell October 9-10
North West Inverell November 27-28
Northumberland Gosford December 4-5
FINAL Sydney January 2022


Prize Money

Players will compete for Prizemoney throughout each of these events.

  • $5,000 on offer at each of the 5 events, split between Men & Women.
  • $10,000 on offer at the Final, split between Men & Women.
Preliminary Rounds  Final 
Winner  $1,000 $2,000
Finalist  $500 $1,000
Semi-Finalist  $250 $500
Quarter-Finalist  $125 $250