NSW State Team Championships

NSW State Teams Championships are two day invitational tournaments for the top juniors in the 10/Under, 12/Under and 14/Under age groups across each region in NSW.

State Teams Championships resemble Davis Cup and Fed Cup ties, providing the benefit of on court managers and the opportunity to compete in a team environment.

The Championships use a round robin format with play offs for each team in the finals round to decide final standings.

2021 Calendar 

27-28 March 12U NSW State Teams Event
5-6 June 14U NSW State Teams Event
16-17 October 10U NSW State Teams Event

NSW State Teams Event Guides

Lesley Bowrey Cup & Ken Rosewall Cup (14/U) – 2020

Tony Roche Cup & Jan O’Neill Cup (12/U) – 2020

John Whittaker & Dorn Fogarty Cup (10/U) – 2020


2019 – 14/U State Teams Championships

Ken Rosewall Cup Lesley Bowrey Cup
Metropolitan Lightning Metropolitan Stormers
Pavle Marinkov Samantha Lavers
Theo Papas Milana Dejanovic
Jamie Crow Avantika Sivanand
Manager: Rob De Vivo Manager: Guadalupe Scioscia

2019 – 12/U State Teams Championships

Tony Roche Cup Jan O’Neill Cup – Match Tied
Metropolitan Magic Metropolitan Stormers Metropolitan Magic
Boyd Schreiber Rianna Alame Gabby Gregg
Ryan Huynh Giselle Guillen Jessica Emanuel
Matthew Holl Gabriela Garipova Angela Cui
Ben Thompson Renee Alame Simone Cameron
Manager: Dale Shai-Hee Manager: Ben Tullier Manager: Andrew Nievins

2019 – 10/U State Teams Championships

John Whittaker Cup Dorn Fogarty Cup
A.C.T. Velocity Metropolitan Flames
Luka Cowles Bhavya Bhardwaj
Zae Dwyer Mia Princip
Bhav Mathur Caroline Hermanns
Ewan Duff Pal Patel
Manager: Alex Nancarrow Manager: Ellise Bowerman