Junior Development Series


Junior Development Series events are round robin singles events for junior players.

The series is designed to give young players an enjoyable, development focused competitive tennis opportunity in their local region.

The series culminates in a Champion of Champions event in each region, followed by the JDS State Final Representative event.


The age a player is as at the 31st December 2020.

Example: If your daughter turns 9 years old on the 10th December, 2019, can they participate in the 8/U Events?
Answer: As your daughter turns 9 years of age before the 31st December, 2020, they will be ineligible to participate in the 8/U Events and must compete in the 10/U Events.

Example: My son turns 13 on the 5th May, 2020. Which age-group are they eligible for?
Answer: Your son will be eligible to play the 14/U Events, as they will be 13 years of age at the eligibility date, which is 31st December 2020.



The Junior Development Series is all about developing young players into the future role models of our sport. The Junior Development Series in 2020 is introducing player awards that focus on positive behaviors.

Compete Award:

  • Fight for every point
  • Take responsibility for actions, no excuses
  • Focus on effort and finding solutions

Commit Award:

  • Work hard and be dedicated to every aspect of your journey
  • Willing to learn, accept feedback and implement with conviction
  • Strive to be better every day and be courageous

Respect Award:

  • Show respect for yourself
  • Show respect for your opponent
  • Show respect for your team
  • Show respect for officials
  • Show respect for the game


The Junior Development Series Regional events do not offer Australian Ranking Points.

Each NSW region will manage a Regional Junior Development Series Point Score which will be used to promote players to a regional Champion of Champions event which is the next stage of the Junior Development Series.

Players who are successful in being selected to represent their region through their Junior Development Series Champion of Champions event will play at the Junior Development Series State Final which is a Junior Australian Ranking Tournament.


All players entering tournaments require a Tennis Australia member ID number.

Please contact Tennis Australia Service Team 1800 752 983 or email [email protected] to be issued Tennis Australia member ID number.

Unfortunately, Tennis NSW cannot assist with Tennis Australia member ID number enquiries.


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