Tennis in Schools

If your school has a surface such as an asphalted play area or a tennis court that is in need of repair or upgrade, or if you have a space where you would like to build a safe playing area for your students, then we may be able to assist.

What funding assistance is available?

Description Line markings on existing asphalt, concrete base or an existing tennis court Convert existing playground spaces with Hot Shot courts and line markings Construction of new Hot Shot courts, including new base development, surface and line markings
TA Funding Up to 50% of project value (maximum $2000 per project) Up to 50% of project value (maximum $5000 per project) Up to 50% of project value (maximum of $10,000 per project)
Example School funding 1 School funding 2 School funding 3

* If your school is constructing a full sized tennis court, additional project funding may be available under the National Court Rebate guidelines.  For more information please contact the team.

How do I apply for funding?

To apply for funding, all your school has to do is complete the expression of interest form and provide a brief background to your project. Tennis Australia will then be able to advise what level of funding your schools project may be eligible to apply for and a representative from Tennis Australia will contact your school to discuss your funding eligibility.

Successful expressions of interest will receive written confirmation of what level of funding assistance is applicable and schools will then be asked by Tennis Australia to formally submit an application. Successful applications will have 6 months from the date of the Tennis Australia letter of guarantee to complete the works.

For more information or for any questions regarding funding, please click here or contact us on (02) 9024  7600.