29 July 2020 | Tennis NSW

Tennis is a sport rich in history that is lucky to have a community of hardworking people who deliver and support our great sport throughout New South Wales. Without these very people, our sport would cease to exist. With that, the Board of Tennis NSW would like to announce the implementation of the Recognition & Awards Policy.

This policy will aim to ensure that there is a well governed and inclusive process behind the recognition of the hardworking members of our tennis community. The new policy includes recognition in three categories, being Life Membership, Hall of Fame and Legend. The Recognition & Awards Policy is available now on our website.

This policy includes an Assessment Sub Committee which will be made up of both Life Members and TNSW Board Members. Tennis NSW are excited to announce that Life Members, Mick Parslow & John Whittaker have agreed to be on this inaugural committee.

Mick has been a valued member of the NSW tennis community for over 50 years and comes from the country town of Forbes. Mick has been involved in volunteer club committees and is a player himself. Mick also served on the Board of Tennis NSW in 1985 and continued as a Director of Tennis NSW for 24 years. John, who hails from the regional town of Orange, has also dedicated many years to tennis including time served on the Tennis NSW Board as Chairman during the 1990’s and still plays tennis today. Mick and John both have a lifetime of experience in both country and metropolitan tennis as players and administrators at all levels.

In a call for nominations, please take some time to assess the hardworking people in your own tennis community and let’s work together to ensure that these people are appropriately recognised. The nomination period for 2020 will close on 30 August. You can access the Life Membership nomination form here and the Hall of Fame nomination form here.