29 November 2012 | Tennis NSW

Media personality and radio commentator, Alan Jones today launched “Muscles: The story of Ken Rosewall” book in Sydney.

Jones praised Rosewall and author Richard Naughton for providing such a great insight to the man behind ‘muscles’.

“This is quite a magnificent book, one way it is a biography and yet another way it isn’t. It is an extraordinary history of tennis and an era of tennis which many people in contemporary times do not understand” he explained.

“The story of this man is one of the great sporting stories of the world, not just of this country. I cannot congratulate the writer enough because very few people take the time to dig into the bowels of history and the bowels of sport to reveal the kind of things that are in this book.”

The book reveals secrets such as Rosewall being sick the day the night before his quarter-final appearance at Wimbledon in 1953 against Kurt Nielson. Jones commentated that if Rosewall wasn’t sick, it would have been his year to win the singles title against Vic Seixas in the final.

“Well I suppose so, I hadn’t thought much about it. I was so disappointed having lost to Kurt Neilson I wasn’t in good shape that day” Rosewall reflected.

“Looking back on it if I had been healthy I would have had a chance of winning that match (against Neilson) and maybe with the thought that I had already beaten Vic Seixas a couple of times I might have had a good chance.”

The book launch was also attended by tennis greats; John Newcombe, Tony Roche and Wally Masur. The trio recalled their days playing tennis and how players such as Sedgman, Rosewall, Hoad and Laver inspired their tennis careers.

“I remember in 1953, when I was nine years of age crouching by the radio and listening to the Davis Cup final with Ken and Lew (Hoad) playing. When you listen to sport on radio you get a vivid imagination of what’s happening. My dream was starting to ferment in my brain that’s what I wanted to do” Newcombe exclaimed.

On behalf of the board and staff of Tennis NSW, we would like to congratulate Ken on such a wonderful achievement.

“Muscles: The Story of Ken Rosewall” is available at all leading book retailers just in time for Christmas.