Policies and Guidelines

Member Protection

Please refer to our Member Protection Policy by clicking here

Working with Children Check

The Working With Children Check is a State mandatory requirement for all Clubs/Centres and Associations. Please click here for further information.


Recognition & Awards Policy

This policy ensures that there is a well governed and inclusive process behind the recognition of the hardworking members of our tennis community. The new policy includes recognition in three categories, being Life Membership, Hall of Fame and Legend.

This policy includes an Assessment Sub Committee which will be made up of both Life Members and TNSW Board Members. Life Members Mick Parslow & John Whittaker have agreed to be on this inaugural committee.

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Access Life Membership nomination form

Access Hall of Fame nomination form

Whistleblower Policy

Please click here to refer to the Tennis Australia Whistleblower Policy.

Code of Behaviour Policy

We are committed to protecting the integrity of tennis and ensuring we provide a healthy and positive environment for players to compete in. Improving the behaviour of players and spectators at tournaments and competitions is a major element of this. V

View tournament regulations and code of behaviour  

Tennis NSW Disciplinary Tribunal

The Tennis NSW Disciplinary Tribunal Panel is an independently appointed body which acts under the Tennis NSW Tribunal Guidelines in conjunction with the Tennis Australia Code of Behaviour.

The Tribunal’s primary aim is to ensure that the Rules of Tennis are adhered to and that the integrity of the sport is kept at a high. Anyone appearing before the Tribunal will be given a fair hearing in accordance to the principles of Natural Justice.

If you witness an incident which brings the game into disrepute or damages the game’s integrity, please contact Martin Oosthuysen on [email protected] or phone (02) 9024 7600.

Extreme Weather Policy

This policy is designed to protect competitive tennis players from injury and illness that may result by playing tennis in extreme weather conditions.

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Governance Documents

Below is a collection of governance documents and publications related to Tennis NSW.

Feel free to download and browse, if you require any assistance please contact Tennis NSW on (02) 9024 7600.

Information relating to the National Insurance Program can be found here

Social Media Policy

VISION 2021 – TNSW Strategic Plan 2018-2021

KPMG Structural Governance Review

TNSW Constitution

TNSW By-Laws

Tennis NSW Annual Reports

The 2018/19 Annual Report is available here

The 2017/18 Annual Report is available here

The 2016/17 Annual Report is available here

The 2015/16 Annual Report is available here

The 2014/15 Annual Report is available here

The 2013/14 Annual Report is available here