Get Your Racquet On

What is ‘Get Your Racquet On’ (GYRO)?

GYRO is the largest marketing campaign in Australian history, launched during the 2020 summer of tennis. The campaign is all about encouraging lapsed* adult tennis players to get back on the court through Cardio Tennis, online casual court hire and Open Court Sessions.

*A lapsed player is someone who has participated in tennis at some point in their life but have not stuck with it. The research states that these players are not getting involved from fear of their skill level as well as the lack of knowledge about how to get back on the court.


Why is this important?

Through a large research project, Tennis Australia found that the challenge in our sport is keeping young adults (25-45) in the game. Those 25-45 year olds identified that that the main reasons they weren’t playing was due to lack of convenience, having no one to play with and not wanting to commit.


How do we get these players engaged with our sport once again?

  • Make tennis online and easy to find
  • Lower the commitment needed and let them pay as they play
  • Provide an offering that fits in with their busy schedules (ie: after work)
  • Ensure it is welcoming and inclusive where they can play with friends or meet new people
  • More than tennis – provide an opportunity to socialise with music and have something to eat and drink
  • Play in fun formats to ease them back into tennis regardless of ability

So how can we provide all these things to our lapsed players? With Open Court Sessions.


What is an Open Court Session?

Open Court Sessions is a new format of play that has been developed based off of research into what type of tennis these lapsed players would like to get involved with. It involves an on court and an off court element. The on court activities are made up of modified tennis in a fun and social environment. The off court includes food, drink, music, socialising, etc. There will be a host for both the on court and the off court activities who will guide the attendees through the 90 minute session.

Players can book in and pay for the session online.


What does it look like?

  • 2 hosts (one on court and one off court)
  • 20 players
  • 2 courts
  • 10 minutes of the serious stuff (briefing and instructions)
  • 50 minutes of the fun stuff (all types of tennis: mini courts, red balls, sponge balls, etc.)
  • 30 minutes of socialising (eating and drinking with music)
  • 90 minutes all up with music playing throughout

The research showed that participants are willing to pay $15-$25 for this session.


What we provide clubs with:

  • Formats & guides
  • Marketing assets
  • The event management platform
  • A website if you don’t already have one
  • Speakers and a playlist
  • Merchandise and equipment

This equipment and support above is for a limited number during this summer campaign, speak to your local Club Development Officer to secure your pack today (to find out who your local CDO is click here or contact us on (02) 9024 7662).