National Academy

What are the National Academies:

The National Academies (NA’s) are Tennis Australia’s high performance environments that offer a high comprehensive tennis training program to allow athletes to reach their full potential, with the ultimate vision of producing “grand slam champions we are proud of”.


The Pathway to National Academy:

See guidelines below:

Female Guidelines

Male Guidelines


Who are the National Academies for?

The NA’s are for athletes who fulfill the entry guidelines based on ranking, results and representation, and who have the ambition to become professional tennis players that Australia are proud of.



Bluewall Induction February 17
Bluewall PRIMED Sports Psychology February 26 & 27
Cultural Week March 11
MAYtes Day May 15
Nutrition Pre, During & Post Match March 1 – NSW Clay Court Nationals Qualifying
Officiating & Tennis Etiquette April 24 – NSW Age
Sports Psychology TBC – NSW Grass Courts Nationals
TBC October 1 – NSW State Champs
Sports Psychology November 2 – NSW December Showdown Qualifying



Coaching Staff

Junior Development Squad Coach Jaslyn Hewitt-Shehadie
Boys Development Squad Coach Simon Ede
Girls Development Squad Coach Raphael Durek
Boys Academy Coach Jarrad Bunt
Girls Academy Coach Ben Pyne
Girls Pro Tour Coach Nicole Kriz
Boys Pro Tour Coach Jaymon Crabb



Jaslyn Hewitt-Shahadie – [email protected]