Sydney Tennis Review

What is the Sydney Tennis Review?

In early 2018, Tennis NSW (TNSW) identified a need to explore opportunities to improve the governance and structure as well as the delivery of it’s Sydney Metropolitan Competition Framework. In June 2018, McLaughlin Sports Consultancy (MSC) was appointed to undertake an independent review of the competitions framework in Sydney, on behalf of TNSW.

What were the objectives of the Sydney Tennis Review?

  • To provide an expert and independent assessment of TNSW’s current Sydney Metropolitan Competition Framework (structure and delivery);
  • Consider player pathways, current competitive opportunities, current and future stakeholder groups and their needs;
  • Provide independent recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Competitions Framework, in line with TNSW’s strategic objectives; and
  • Determine the optimal governance/structure that will unite and revitalise competitions across Sydney.

What were the key recommendations of the Review?

The Review produced a number of recommendations to TNSW, all of which will fit into a three year implementation plan. These recommendations are summarised below:

1.1   Define the purpose of the TNSW Sydney Metropolitan Competitions Framework

2.1 Develop a national ‘whole of tennis’ player pathway framework

2.2 Align the structure of the Sydney Metropolitan Competitions Framework with the national ‘whole of player’ pathway framework

2.3 Review the Talent Development & High Performance structure within NSW

2.4 Initiate an umpire accelerator program

3.1 Define the structure & priority competitions of the Sydney Metropolitan Competitions framework

4.1 Implement the framework governance and centrally managed delivery model, aligned with the defined regions within Sydney

4.2 Develop & implement a suite of comprehensive competition management systems, resources, policies & procedures

4.3 Implement a management/staff structure designed to effectively deliver the Sydney Metropolitan Competitions Framework

4.4 Undertake a feasibility study to identify the optimal facility management model to manage the implementation of the Sydney Metropolitan Competitions Framework

4.5 Develop an aligned tournaments & competitions calendar on an annual basis

4.6 Develop & implement a branding/commercial strategy to ensure the financial sustainability of the Sydney Metropolitan Competitions Framework

5.1 Implement a player rating system

5.2 Initiate an independent review of the Australian Ranking (AR) system

6.1 Provide a suite of resources & support to assist local competition delivery

These recommendations, whilst endorsed by the Project Reference Group, may change as we explore each of these recommendations in further detail to determine which of these are fundamental to the success of the framework.

What happens next?

TNSW is committed to producing real and effective change from this review. Over the next 12 months the focus will be on setting up the right platforms internally for TNSW to deliver on court in years two and three. Operational working parties, comprised of TNSW staff and external stakeholders, will be formed to explore a number of the recommendations with a focus on:

  • Undertaking a facility mapping exercise, and with that ensuring the appropriate framework/governance is applied;
  • Working closely with Tennis Australia on implementing a whole of sport player pathway;
  • Defining the details of the delivery – formats, etc.