What is the Sydney Tennis Review?

In 2018, Tennis NSW (TNSW) identified a need to explore opportunities to improve the governance and structure as well as the delivery of the Sydney Metropolitan Competition Framework.
It recognizes that fundamentally, the current competitions framework is not working…

  • There is a lack of a clear player pathway
  • Many players are disconnected from local clubs/association
  • There is a lack of a coordinated approach to competition delivery
  • No consistent grading for standard of play

What are the objectives of the Sydney Tennis Review?

  • Unite all stakeholders & revitalize competition in Sydney
  • Retain & grow the number of players participating in competitions across Sydney

What Have we done so far?

  • Conducted an independent review
  • Re-drawn proposed association boundaries in close alignment with the Greater Sydney Commission
  • Proposed governance & central management model
  • stakeholder consultation

Whats coming next?

  • Outline process for the implementation of governance reform
  • Proposed financial model
  • Town hall meetings
  • Finalize & identify suitable stakeholders to be part of the testing of competition framework

To download the below info graphic please CLICK HERE