Special General Meeting – April 2019

Why is Tennis NSW convening an SGM?

It is at the request of Newcastle & District Tennis Association (NDTA) and 37 other Members to seek a change to the constitution (creating a new clause 15.5 (c)) to allow any Member that is suspended, expelled or sanctioned by Tennis NSW the right to appeal any decision.


What currently happens in the constitution?

At present, any Member (Member defined in the constitution means a member of the Company) who is suspended, expelled or otherwise sanctioned by the Board does not have the right to appeal that decision. This is inconsistency was recognised by the Board at the last AGM and invited the Membership to put forward their alternative proposals ahead of the AGM in November should they wish to.


What are Newcastle & District Tennis Association proposing?

NDTA are proposing that a new clause be created under clause 15.5 (c) whereby if the Board resolves to either suspend, expel, renounce, censure and/or fine, a Member(s), that Member(s) may appeal that decision in a public forum to the financial members of Tennis NSW, via a General Meeting. Further clarification on this can be found within the SGM papers provided to the Members.


What are the Board proposing?

The Board believe that everyone is entitled to appeal any decision and are putting forward a counter motion which will allow any Members who are up for disciplinary action to have their appeal heard by an independent tribunal in accordance with national policy.


Who to contact for further clarification?

Members who have any queries in relation to the proposed resolutions, or the voting process, or who would like any assistance with completing proxy forms should contact the Tennis NSW company secretary, Rich Hawkins, at [email protected] or call on (02) 9226 9882.


SGM Documents

SGM Pack

Tennis NSW’s Position

Proxy Form