What is #tennisrestart?

#tennisrestart is a strategy developed specifically to assist NSW Councils and Tennis to better understand the sustainability of tennis facilities, and plan together for the future. #tennisrestart aims to:

  • Measure the sustainability of each tennis venue individually, and across entire LGA’s
  • Provide Councils with clear reporting feedback and action planning.

Currently Tennis NSW has formed engaged 12 NSW Councils to kick start the project with a further 28 Councils to be connected with over the next 3 years.



Tennis NSW will develop a Venue Sustainability Rating based upon completing the following assessments at each tennis venue:

  • Facility condition assessment
  • Participation review
  • Operational health check

This information will give Tennis and Councils oversight as to the viability of each venue allowing both Tennis NSW and Councils to resource and support clubs/venues accordingly. For more information please contact Shaun Mulraney on 9024 7602.