What is #tennisrestart?

#tennisrestart is an annual Tennis NSW led engagement strategy which will provide the framework for Tennis NSW to positively influence our THREE key stakeholders (CLUBS, COACHES and COUNCILS) effectively on a regular basis.

Tennis NSW will work with our key stakeholders to understand the following:

  1. Operational Health of tennis venues
  2. Tennis venue infrastructure condition; and
  3. Participation rates

The data collected will allow us to understand the baseline rates within these key areas in order to effectively provide tailored resources, support and assistance to our key stakeholders (clubs, coaches and councils). It will also provide us with key information to understand how we can continue to empower our stakeholders to develop, maintain and grow sustainable tennis venues for the betterment of communities and the sport of tennis.



  • Tennis NSW will be forming Partnerships with Local Government Authorities from 2019 onwards
  • Your Participation Leader and Local Government Authority will contact you with key information if your club is located in an LGA which is conducting this project.


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