Here is some information on getting project ready to explore funding opportunities, which may include grants. Successful projects can take time to prepare and deliver and you should engage with your local Tennis NSW Club Development to provide guidance:

PREPARE – Prepare your project well in advance of grant funding programs being announced and open

  • Strategic assessment helps to determine what projects are deliverable and justified
  • Ensure alignment with tennis and government strategic objectives, particularly local government recreation plans
  • Understand the case for change / action and ways the project will benefit the community
  • Determine contributions and secure supporting funding
  • Tap into resources to plan a successful project such as those provided by Tennis, NSW Office of Sport, local Council and other sources

PARTNER – Build relationships early on and develop them throughout the process

  • Work in partnership e.g. Councils, Clubs and Associations, schools, other landowners, local business partnerships and community partnerships
  • Obtain landowner consent for works, plan resources to execute a project, seek support on funding applications, direct funding contributions

PLAN – Plan your project, gather information and determine what additional funding is required

  • Develop realistic plans and milestones, obtain quotes, approvals and commitments to ensure you have a project that is deliverable and justified
  • Successful projects can take time to prepare and be realised. Be grant ready when new grant funding opportunities arise


Project Planning

Tennis Australia has adopted a seven stage project planning process, as shown in the Tennis Infrastructure Planning Resource.


Tennis NSW Grants Toolkit

The Tennis NSW Grants Toolkit is an interactive resource listing grant and funding opportunities, with many resources for getting project ready:

  • Be notified of and view all current and upcoming funding opportunities
  • Key resources e.g. Strategic Plan template, Project Plan template
  • Key reports and strategic plans to align with Tennis and Government objectives
  • Grant resources and links: To help you prepare your application

Obtaining funding through any grant funding program is very competitive and being project ready when applying for a grant can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful applications.

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