North Eastern Junior Tennis Association

AJL / Junior Pennant, Sunday morning competition update

29 July 2020 |

It is obviously very unfortunate that we have gone back into a stage 3 lockdown, with all competitions on hold.

Thank you to the parents who registered their child to play in the AJL competition.

Whilst we are halfway through the current lockdown, Tennis Victoria are hopefully planning for an AJL season prior to the end of the year, however the exact format and timeline has not been determined.

Given that we will most likely be eased back out of lockdown in stages, competition is likely to again be one of the last stages to gain approval to commence. With this in mind, Tennis Vic have pencilled in the 11th October for round 1.

To fit in a full 10 round season and a round of finals, would mean playing right up to the week before Christmas, which is not ideal or favoured by the NEJTA.

The NEJTA is very respectful and understanding of our members need to spend time with families, take on work and perhaps small, localised holidays for some and in general, enjoying the lead into Christmas, after a very challenging year.

The NEJTA is in discussions with Tennis Vic to understand their thoughts and that of the other associations, with regard to the season start and finish dates and above all the feasibility of the season. We also have to respect and understand the work-load on volunteers to grade teams, organise fixtures, team manage players, not to mention, liaise with clubs to assist us with the provision of courts for play and to understand and adhere to club guidelines with regard to return to play, social distancing, hygiene protocols, gathering numbers, registration of court visitors, etc.

With all this in mind, we need to assess how many players would still be interested to compete in the Sunday morning AJL season, if it was to run until late December. Can you all please email back a YES or NO to still playing, with your child’s name, by Saturday 1st August. Please email responses to: [email protected]

Please remember if you say YES, you are committing to being available for the full season. There will also most likely be several tournaments played between October to December, if permitted by the governing bodies. Players may have to choose between AJL and tournaments.

Theo Robolas and Jacqui Mackertich

AJL Coordinators 2020