Mt Evelyn Tennis Club

The Supermen at Supersoil!

04 April 2018 |

The METC held a working bee recently and wish to acknowledge the overwhelming generosity that has been shown by our very good friends at Lilydale Supersoil who donated and delivered all of the river rocks that now form the basis of our centrepiece garden between courts 2 & 3.
When we sought to undertake this task we were very well aware of the cost implications that such works usually attract.
For this reason we are extremely thankful to Adam and his team at Supersoil for their willingness to come on-board and support our efforts without hesitation.
If anyone following this page wants to know who the people are behind the scenes that are out there supporting local community clubs like ours they need look no further than this fantastic local organization.
Thanks again guys!
We really appreciate your valuable support.