Mt Evelyn Tennis Club

METC Working Bee - March 25th 2018.

28 March 2018 |

The METC held a working bee last Sunday and we were very thankful for the wonderful support that we received from so many members of our club and the local community alike.
We saw many new faces that were prepared to pitch in and lend a hand and we were truly inspired as we look towards the future of our club and tennis in our local community.
Many local businesses such as Supersoil – Lilydale, Transformed Tree Services, Alutim Installations, Platinum Tennis Coaching, Raw Mechanical and Services and so many more individuals all contributed to what was an amazing day for our club.
We would like to thank each and every one of you as we appreciated your efforts so much.
Thank you to Amelia Dangaard, Craig Robinson, Murray Smith Josie Watts, Euon Phillips, Holly O’Toole, Alizah Jones, Sienna O’Toole, Luke Robinson, Matt O’Toole, Carla Sommers, Daniel Robinson Lauren O’Toole, Ryker McNab, Kellie Robinson, Kellie Vasiliou, Michele Mitchell, Laetitia Gibson, Nick Jones, Hayley Knight, Makayla Knight, Tim Fatur, Angela Knight, Jennifer Mclean, Gary Scott, Lachlan Dalgleish, Stuart Watts, Vic Mitchell, Henry Tripp, Russell Rawson, Laura Dangaard, Kayley Finnegan, Mark Finnegan, Barry Phillips & Gary Dangaard.
You are all appreciated for being so giving of your valuable time and we thank you very much for doing so.