Mount Clear Tennis Club Inc

Junior membership

Played on a Saturday morning over the summer months, we enter teams in the Buninyong and District Tennis Association.

Teams play home and away matches during this period. Generally teams are made up of four players who compete in various grades, from A Grade to C6. We try to have five members in each team to allow for illness, injury, family events etc. Players are rotated on a roster system.

For each team, one parent/guardian is asked to act as the Duty Parent every 4-5 weeks, on a roster basis. The duty parent is responsible for:

  • Opening the courts and putting up nets (for a home match).
  • Filling out scorecard including full names of players, date, grade and team colour.
  • Umpiring (together with a parent from the opposing team) for grades C4, C5 and C6. In all other grades the players umpire themselves.
  • Supervising children throughout the match.
  • Supplying transport to an away venue (if required).

Children enjoy having their parents involved in their activities. Sharing these supportive roles also fosters community involvement.