Morphett Vale Tennis Club Inc


To Play Competition Tennis you need to be a registered member.  The following is our Player Nomination Form which can be completed and handed in.  To confirm you details and pay online you can use the following link.

Player Nomination Entry Link and Online Payment

The following Link shows you what to expect when Registering and Paying online.  It is advised to check this out first before going to the above link for payment.

What to Expect when Registering and Paying Online

A registered member is protected by liability insurance through Tennis SA when playing on our courts and any affiliated courts.  In addition, your membership fee covers costs associated with organising and running the competition, including ball costs, team fees paid to Southern Districts Tennis Association and Tennis SA.  Your Fees also contribute to court maintenance, electricity, water, lease fees, facility fire and theft insurance.

Our club is non-profit, and all members including committee members and coordinators are 100% volunteers.

There are 3 main membership types

  1. Junior Membership
  2. Senior Membership
  3. Life Membership

There are sub-memberships such as “additional sibling” or “Fill in” or “Senior Student” where we provide discounts as incentives.

How to Join a competition?

Before the Start of Each season players will be prompted to Register online and pay a deposit to hold a position in a team.  Then all registered players will be ranked in order of merit and placed into teams and divisions appropriate to their skill levels.  The Teams are then submitted to the SDTA where Competitions will be negotiated and finalised. You will be informed what team and division you are in.  Before the season starts, you will need to pay the balance of your fees.

Your position in the team may change depending on wins and losses by you and the players above and below you.

For Juniors, each year you will naturally advance higher in team position and divisions as you grow older and become more skilled.  The year you turn 18 you will advance to Seniors.  Juniors can also nominate to play seniors as well as juniors however Juniors takes priority.

At the end of the minor rounds, there are finals.  During the season the SDTA holds a tournament.  There are trophies awarded to the players from each team with the best win/loss statistics.

Come join us and Watch Us Grow