Monbulk Tennis Club


Coaching will commence on Thursday October 22nd with one-on-one coaching.  Multiple students may be coached if from the same family (household).  Please contact Nish on 0408 088 453 if you require more information.

These details will be updated once we have further information from Tennis Victoria.


Term 2, 2020 will commence with Adult and Junior coaching on Monday & Thursday afternoons from 2.30pm onwards. 

We have all programs running on both days. Group lessons and privates are organised through Nish.

What are our programs?

Match play- All players learn to play matches so they can then play competition.

Adult sessions- Lots of fun activities as well as work on technique.

Cardio- Lots of running plus hitting balls, main emphasis is to get heart rate up while the music is pumping!!

Development squads- For players aged 10 and over, work on technique while learning fun drills and activities that will help them learn to play the game properly.

Hot shots- for players aged between 5-9 years old. Play with modified balls to best learn the technique and learn to rally.

Private lessons- One on one coaching, emphasising technique as well as learning how to structure points.


If you would like to organise coaching or would like coaching information, please feel free to contact Nish on 0408 088 453.

He’s more than happy to help & is very approachable.

Monday coaching

4.15pm – 5.00pm Beginners

5pm – 5.45pm

5.45pm – 6.30pm

7.30pm – 8.30pm Match/Game Coaching

Thursday coaching

3.00pm – Kinder Kids (4 to 5 YO)

3.45pm – 9 to 12 YO

4.15pm – 6 to 8 YO

4.45pm – 11+ Junior Squad

5.30pm – 13+ Senior Squad

6.15pm – 15+ Advanced Squad

7:15pm – Cardio/Game Skills

8pm – Cardio