Monbulk Tennis Club


Monbulk Tennis Club would like to thank the Bendigo Bank and State Government for the grants we have received over the past years.

At the start of 2018 we received a grant from the State Government to upgrade our kitchen and toilet facilities.  They are now complete and look fantastic.  The club is very grateful.

We have received a grant to contribute towards sweaters, polo tops and caps.  It is an exciting time for the club to have a new logo and uniform.  It makes everyone feel they belong and are a member of a club moving into the future.

We are grateful to the State Government for the grants we received for shade umbrellas and tennis racquets.  It is great for tennis to have the support of parents and spectators, so we believe it also important to provide shade umbrellas to make it comfortable for them in Summer.

We have also purchased some racquets to encourage community members to have a hit.  We believe people should be able to find out what a great sport Tennis is without the initial expense of a racquet.

As we all know, water restrictions could have prevented tennis to continue throughout Summer.  We areWatering the courts very grateful to the Bendigo Bank for their contribution towards our water tank.  It was full going into Summer and at no point did we have to stop play because of the lack of water.