Tennis NSW Metropolitan Region

2015 Northern Beaches Hot Shots Wimbledon Open

30 June 2015 |

Hot on the heels of Wimbledon 2015, the Northern Beaches Hot Shots Wimbledon Open will be taking place on Sunday 12th July.

The tournament includes all the stages, Red, Orange and Green and there are singles and doubles events.  For more information about the event and to enter please click on this link.

Please be reminded that due to large entry numbers and limited court availability we may need to slightly alter the schedule or even restrict entries towards the final date. Get in quick to avoid disappointment.

If you have entered please ensure you have complied with the rules and regulations, especially age restrictions. If you cannot see your name and you have entered before 10pm, 29 June then please log back in to see if you are one of the numerous entries who have not paid. There was an issue early on with the system which stopped entries at this point.