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ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Challenges

2014 ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Open Challenges

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots (ANZTHS) is Tennis Australia’s kid’s starter program for children aged 5-12 years old. ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is the fun way for kids to learn how to play tennis. Smaller courts, nets, racquets and low-compression balls make learning easy and gives younger players the chance to serve, rally and score right from the first time they play.The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Open Challenges are designed to compliment the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots weekly coaching and/or competition program.

To find out further information about the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program or to find your nearest deliver please click here

The 2014 ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Term 4 Calendar is now available here. Please note that each of the challenges listed, although supported through Tennis NSW and the Hot Shots Program, are run by external tennis centres/coaches to that of Tennis NSW.

The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Tournaments landscape is currently under review by Tennis Australia. ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Tournament guidelines are currently being developed and will be released to coaches and challenge deliverers in the near future. Once these have been released, Tennis NSW will be looking to develop an ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Tournament Calendar that fits within these guidelines.