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News 10/05/18

18 May 2018 |

With the great autumn weather hanging on for the week all competitions were either able to continue from the break or start up again. In the Tuesday ladies Briggs continues to lead the pack pulling 7pts clear of George who jumped into 2nd place after a big win pushing Barnes in 3rd place by 3.5pts. In the Wednesday ladies Underwood has extended their lead out to a massive 20.5pts over Mortimer who in turn is just holding 2nd place by 1.7pts over 3rd placed Presland. The Thursday ladies table sees the top three spots an even 4pts apart with B.Windon and H.Roberts sharing equal first while 4pts behind are S.Buckman and J.Edstein in equal 2nd with J.Whittle and D.Cheetham in equal 3rd by 4pts.

In the Division1 men’s table TeamC and TeamE head up the table in equal 1st with TeamG in 2nd place by 3pts with TeamA hot on their heels in 3rd by a slim 1pt. In the divsvion2 men’s TeamC and TeamD started off with full points to lead the table in equal 1st while TeamA are 3pts off the pace in 2nd with TeamE in 3rd by 7pts. In the combined division1 and 2 ladies TeamD and TeamA have started off the competition with a strong start sharing equal 1st with TeamC just 2pts off the pace in 2nd while TeamB are further back in 3rd by 6pts.


Tuesday  Night

George  6.36        D             Barnes     0.13

Clift        5.34        D             Bryson     1.23

Briggs    5.32        D             Bowling   1.25

Wednesday Night

Underwood       4.29        D             Spalding        2.21

Presland           5.29        D             Young            1.20

Point Scores:

Men Division1:

C. Quinn\Johnston\Hughes-18.0

E. Hayes\Rye\McGregor-18.0

G. Eaton\Percival\Nowland-15.0

A. Peter\Farley\ Hancock-14.0

F. Sciffer\Anderson\Vasliv-8.0


B. Rye-Smith\Dunlop\Hodgson,-0.0

Men Division2:

C. Palmer\Cringle-24.0

D. Sciffer\McArthur-24.0

A. Burrows\Lyall-21.0

E. R& M.Gough-14.0

F. Neville\Barr-9.0

B. Oyston\McKeough-8.0

Women Division A1/A2:

D. Ooms\Spalding-23.0

A. Farley\Anderson-23.0

C. Merriman\de Marchi-21.0

B. B& S.Bower-15.0

E. Terry\Eaton-7.0

Tuesday Night:







Wednesday Night:

1. Underwood-61.0

3. Mortimer-40.5

2. Presland-38.8

4. Young-25.4

5. Spalding-21.2

Thursday Ladies:

B. Windon-22.0

H. Roberts-22.0

S. Buckman-18.0

J. Edstein-18.0

J. Whittle-14.0

D. Cheetham-14.0

S. Gallagher-10.0

D. Ernst-10.0