Maitland District Tennis Association

News 3/05/18

04 May 2018 |

After the recess for the school holidays, Maitland tennis is under way again with the continuation of the Tuesday and Wednesday Night Women’s competitions, which do not finish until late May-June. A new Women’s Thursday comp is ready to begin. Saturday competitions will start on May 5th with Divisions 1 and 2 men and a combined Division 1 and 2 women. All matches will be played at Maitland City Tennis Club and players are reminded of the 12.45 starting time. Draws will be available at the club on the first day and players in the Division 1 men who have a bye on the first day will be notified.

A playing fee of $10 per person per match will apply in all competitions.


Thursday Women:

S. Buckman, D. Cheetham, J. Edstein, D. Ernst, S. Gallagher, H. Roberts, J. Whittle, B. Windon.

Men’s Division1:

P.Peters, G. Sciffer, J. Quinn, D. Whiting, G. Hayes, S. Rye-Smith, P. Johnson, R. Eaton, J. Dunlop, C. Farley, C. Rye, R. Anderson, W. Percival, J. Gronow, I. Hughes, I.McGregor, M. Nowland, A. Hodgson, D. Hancock, J. Whiting, D. Vasliv, A. McDonald.

Men’s Division2:

City 1 – W. Burrows, Z. Lyall

City 2 – D. Oysten, M. McKeough,

City 3 – A. Palmer, J. Cringle

City 4 – S. Sciffer, G. McArthur

City 5 – M. Gough, A. Gough

City 6 – M. Neville, T. Barr.

Women’s Combined ;

City 1 P. Young, A. Roughan

City 2 – B. Bower, S. Bower,

City 3- K. Farley, S. Anderson, B. Smith

City 4 – M. Merriman, A de Marchi,

City 5 H. Ooms, R. Spalding

City 6 – M. Terry, P. Eaton

There will be no competition play on the Queen’s Birthday weekend.

Please be advised that the phone contact for the Association Secretary is 0412302189. Association information is also available on 49335553.