Maitland District Tennis Association

News 02/02/18

14 February 2018 |

Welcome back to all players for the start of the new tennis year for 2018. Good entries have been received for Saturday Division 1 Men, with seven teams of three players. The entries for Division 2 Men are disappointing with only four teams entered, with one of those teams consisting of A Grade women. A combined competition will be provided for other Division 1 and Division 2 Women. Starting dates and times are as follows:

Saturday competition will start on February 3 at 1.00 pm, with Wednesday Night Women starting on February 7 at 6.30. Thursday women get under way on February 8 while Tuesday Night women will not begin until February 13.

Further entries could be accepted for the Division 2 and a new draw would be provided. Any women wishing to play should notify 49335553, 49327483 or 49332129 by Friday night.

Men’s Division 1 Teams:




G.Hayes/ A.McDonald/M.Nowland

S.Rye/W.Percival/R. Anderson


P.Peters/ D.Hancock/T.B.A

Combined Division 2 Teams:



City3–G.Crebert/D.Crebert/ N.Twentyman

City4-A.Roughan/B.Bower/P. Young

Wednesday Night Women:

K.Allomes, S.Bower, A.Buckley, J.Clift, D.Dunphy, B.Graham, H.Heydon, H.Ooms, S.Irwin, T.Mortimer, D.Presland, R.Spalding, A.Swanson, M.Terry, P.Young, C.Underwood and A.Francis will be a reserve. The players who have indicated several weeks’ absence will be taken into consideration.

Thursday Women:

S.Buckman, D.Cheetham, J.Edstein, D.Ernst, S.Gallagher, J.Whittle, M.Wilkie, B.Windon.

Players receiving a bye in the first round of any comp will be notified. Any player needing a fill-in is advised to organise one ASAP as there are very few extra players.

All competition matches will be played at Maitland City Tennis Club where draws will be available and a reminder that the fees are $10/player/match for all competitions. Now is also a great time to get you $5 M&DTA registration fee, club membership and Tennis Australia membership paid and sorted. If you are unsure if you need to pay the registration please check with your registered club as some clubs include this in their membership and before participating in any competitions your Tennis Australia membership must be up to date.