Mapleton Tennis Club

About Us

The Mapleton Tennis Club Incorporated is a Tennis Queensland Affiliated club that leases  two tennis courts on the Mapleton Hall and Sports Ground facility operated by a Trust.

The two tennis courts located at 31 Obi Obi Road (Trust land since 1911) have been in existence in the same location since late 1956 (first court was built in 1928), and these courts have been resurfaced a number of times with the facilities incrementally improved across the years.  The two courts have been in regular operation for tennis for over five decades, though their use frequency has waxed and waned across those years.

In 2005 however, a group of local tennis players got together to start the process of raising funds to refurbish the courts from the old ant-bed surface to more viable non-cushioned hard courts.

A great deal of work went into fundraising, form filling and promoting the cause by a very small band of people whom formed the re-vamped Mapleton Tennis Club Incorporated.

As soon as the first court was refurbished, they went back to work and made it all happen a second time to finally have two all-weather painted cement based courts. Effectively, they brought viable tennis back to Mapleton and we are eternally grateful to them for giving the community a wonderful facility that the current committee and members continue to develop.

In 2013/14 the club took on the challenge of submitting a Change of Use application to introduce night lighting to the two courts. After significant administrative and legal battles the Change of Use was approved and lighting installed in 2015. Now we have teams playing in the Monday Night Sunshine Cost Mixed Competition and the opportunity to play social at night during the hotter months.

Contact Details

Location 31 Obi Obi Road
Mapleton QLD 4560
Dan McDonald 5478 6530
Michael Drummond 0490 153 803
Ian Cowan 0405 839 079
E-mail [email protected]