Lindisfarne Tennis Club

2013 Annual Report


Welcome to the 2012/13 Annual General Meeting. I have pleasure in reporting on behalf of the Lindisfarne Memorial Tennis Club Committee.

Membership continues to be a challenge for us. This number is boosted by visitors and those players who participate regularly paying the visitors fee. When the players from the coaching clinics are added in we have around 250 participants using the club regularly.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Tennis Tasmania through Simonne Allwright and Mark Handley for its support during the reporting period. Also, our Patron, James Walker, has assisted by being a conduit to the Clarence City Council.

Thanks to Roger Gillow for organising the new net on Court 1. The committee appreciates that some of the nets are in need of minor repairs and these will be progressively addressed. The Committee is aware of the deterioration of Courts 1-3 and put in a submission to Clarence City Council for funds to replace the courts at a cost of close to $90,000. To date, our proposal has not been accepted by the council, so alternative funding via Sport & Recreation is being sought. Some minor repairs may be made to these courts from funds available through the Australian Seniors Championships (more news on this latter).

The outdoor tables have been repaired and rejuvenated through the good work of our Wednesday men’s group volunteers. Now that they have been stained (the tables and benches) they should serve the club well. Thanks to Gerald Jones and many others for organising this task.

I guess the most significant thing to happen around the club recently is the major renovations to the interior of the clubhouse.  The committee from the previous year had started negotiations with the council to replace rain damaged roofing and parts of the ceiling. The Committee decided to capitalise on this work and make some major modifications to the club interior. Approximately $10,000 has been spent on a half share of the cost of replacing and painting the ceiling, lining and painting the walls of the clubhouse and laying new carpet tiles. These tasks have been supervised by Gerald Jones and Brian Freeman, and a lot of the manual work of painting and laying the carpet tiles has been undertaken by our volunteers. I would like to express the club’s gratitude to all involved.

Unfortunately we have been obliged to increase the cost of using the lights on the courts to $5 per hour hire in an effort to keep pace with the ever increasing Aurora charges. The committee will continue to monitor these charges.

I would like to thank Grant Fagan who has brought an enthusiasm to the committee to seek sponsorship for the club. Grant put together sponsorship packages to encourage local business houses to sponsor the club. In return for their payment and in some cases, goods in kind, use of the facilities and membership is provided by the club. In this financial year eight local businesses have taken the opportunity to support our club. I thank those businesses listed at the bottom of this report and encourage all members and families to frequent them in return.

Grant also initiated the sale of the “Entertainment Book” through the club membership. We sold twenty five books for which the club receives $12 each, making a total of $300. This is an easy way for the club to increase its income, so if anyone is looking for a gift idea, these books are great value.

So far this report has touched on the bricks and mortar and committee activities of the club, but not much about the reason we all belong and that is to play tennis.

Grant and Marty continue to utilise the facilities and conduct coaching clinics during the week. They also oversee a junior competition in which Lindisfarne enters teams through their coaching groups. Thanks to Marty and Gran t for their continued support of the club.

This year the club did not have any AYC teams. We were not alone in seeing the decline of teams in this competition, as the AYC has recognised. Preciously teams were made up of three men and three women and by the time all games were played, it made for a late night. In acknowledging this decline, the AYC has revamped its competition so that teams are made up of two each of men and women. This may make it easier for Lindisfarne to enter teams. If anyone is interested in forming or joining a team, please contact either Roger Gillow or Grant Fagan.

Our women’s groups on weekday mornings continue to encourage new members and enjoy their social tennis, although the Friday group would like more players. The men’s group on Wednesday mornings has grown to around twenty players who enjoy their social tennis and who also provide the backbone of the club’s maintenance team.

Lindisfarne Memorial Tennis Club has been selected (along with other metropolitan clubs) to host the Australian Seniors Teams Championships 13-18 January 2014. This is a great opportunity to showcase our club, and also to raise some revenue from the event. The Championships are being overseen by Tennis Tasmania and through TT some funds are available pre-tournament for some general maintenance around the club. We are seeking volunteers to assist with the running of the tournament at our club, notice of which is included under separate notice. If you can help, please let the committee know.

The club continues to be in a sound financial position with good cash reserves, no doubt they will be called on should we be in a position to resurface the courts.

Unfortunately Matthew Knight’s employment prevented him from attending to his duties as Secretary of the club and so he will not be continuing in that role.

To all the other Committee members, all of whom are continuing next year, I say a big thank you for what has been a momentous year for the club, to Gerald Jones, Rhys Jones, Grant Fagan and Roger Gillow………. thank you.

A special vote of thanks goes to those members who have supported and enjoyed the Club. And to those members who contributed through the many activities. I thank the incoming committee and wish them and the club well.

Peter Hobday

13 August 2013