Legend Park Tennis Club

Beryl Polhill Trophy

Beryl Polhill is the founder of our club. Please visit our About us section to learn more about the beginning of Legend Park Tennis Club.

Each year the Junior Committee awards this trophy to ‘The Best Junior Club Person’. This is not just based on skill on the court.  The recipient of this award should be:

Enthusiastic, helpful, well mannered, well dressed, show leadership, punctual and good attendance at functions, and promote tennis in a favourable manner

Past trophy winners are:

2017-18 –  Luke Pearson

2016-17 –  Harrison Shirley

2015-16 –  Mark Moraes

2014-15 –  Tim Di Florio

2013-14  –  Gorvin Livanage

2012-13  –  James Yardis

2011  –  Desmond Manuelpillai

2010  –  Shaun Chua

2009  –  Leigh Box

2008  – N/A

2007  –  Bronia Lewis

2006  –  Jonathan Razos

2005  –  Josh Cronin

2004  –  Christopher Leow