Legend Park Tennis Club

Club Policies


Recognised tennis attire must be worn for both competition and social play. Only proper tennis shoes (usually with a flat herring bone tread) can be worn. Ripple shoes and joggers have soles which may damage the court surface and must not be worn. This rule applies at all times to both members and visitors.  A photograph of approved tennis shoes is displayed on the notice board and also on the front door of the clubhouse. If an instance of unsuitable footwear is noticed, the offending player should be directed to the range of Dunlop Volley tennis shoes provided near the front door of the clubhouse, which should be borrowed whilst playing on the courts.

Court Care

All members using the courts are responsible for ensuring that the court surface is maintained in good playing condition. In warmer weather courts should be watered before and after each set.  They must also be bagged to the fence-line after each set or at reasonable intervals if sets are not being played. Any member who neglects these responsibilities may be penalised according to the rules of the club.

Court Availability

Members are expected to share fairly the time spent on courts particularly if there are other people waiting to use the courts.  Members must be prepared to forgo their court usage if competitions or tennis lessons are being held.  There may also be certain days when all courts may be unavailable due to competitions, but all members are most welcome to participate in these tournaments. (Please note that during any social play “singles” may not be played if other members are waiting for a game.)

Court Etiquette

Good sportsmanship on the courts during play is required at all times. Codes of Etiquette and Rules as set out by Tennis Australia apply for all Association competitions in which club teams participate.  https://www.tennis.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/TA-Code-of-Behaviour-Tournaments-and-Weekly-Competitions.pdf


Members are entitled to invite visitors. The member must accompany the visitor and is responsible for the $6 adult/$3 junior Visitor fee, general conduct and correct attire (including approved footwear) of the visitor. No visitor may play more than 6 times in a year without prior approval of the management committee.

Safeguarding Children

Legend Park Tennis Club prides itself on providing a safe environment for all children and young people.  All club members are encouraged to read and apply the content of the ‘Safeguarding Children Guidelines’ that Tennis Australia recently released.  https://www.tennis.com.au/safeguarding-children-guidelines-2017

Tennis Australia and Tennis Victoria’s child safe policy has been incorporated within the content of an update to it’s Member Protection Policy and can be viewed via the link.  https://www.tennis.com.au/doc/tennis-australia-member-protection-policy-2016