Legend Park Tennis Club


Junior Members
May use the club premises and courts after school each weekday and anytime during school holidays. Junior players representing the club have priority on Friday between the hours of 4:30pm and 6:30pm as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings for junior competition play. Juniors are not entitled to bring any visitors.

Hot Shots Family
This memberships are encouraged for those children who want to practice outside of coaching with hot shots equipment. This membership is applicable for a maximum of two parents & two hot shots children (between 4-10 years old).

Senior Members (including Life & Honorary)
May use the club premises and courts on any day of the week subject to the relevant by-laws. (A copy of the Club Rules and By-Laws is available in the clubhouse).

Family Members
Have no restrictions on when they can play (court availability permitting). A family membership consists of two parents and one or more children (under 18).

Midweek Members 
May use the club premises and courts on any weekday, but not on weekends or Public holidays.

Night Members
May use the Club premises and courts only at night (from 7pm onwards)

Visitors may be invited for social play and must pay the $6.00 adult/$3.00 junior visitor fee before play begins.  No visitor may play more than 6 times a year without prior approval. For more information on our visitor policies please see the ‘Club Policies’ tab.