Legend Park Tennis Club

Xmas in July (2013)



Our latest social event was held in the clubhouse on 27th July 2013. Our attendance this year was a little down at 45 however the night was as enjoyable as ever.


This year we introduced some new activities to give the night a refreshing feel. The old menu favourites were served up and enjoyed by all. Adrian, our club secretary brought along his disc jockey hat and played some good old and new favourite music for the table teams to guess title and singer. Helen Warren, our newly elected President and event organizer, had previously cajoled the committee members into supplying baby photos of themselves for the teams to guess who’s who. We also had several rounds of trivia quiz interspersed between food courses.


Thanks to all who attended and special thanks to Helen’s single handed effort in putting the night together. Thanks also to those who assisted setting up the decorations and tidying up afterwards. (check out the pics from the night below courtesy of Bruce Warren).