Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Officials Membership 2017/2018

I understand and agree that:

1. I am bound by all relevant Tennis Australia Limited (TA) policies (as developed or amended by TA from time to time) including,but not limited to, the Member Protection Policy, the Code for Officials, the Anti-Doping Policy and the Uniform Tennis Anti-Corruption Program, made available to me at http://www.tennis.com.au/learn/ballkids-officials-coaches-and-volunteers/officiating/membership/policies

2. I acknowledge that in order to protect the integrity and safety of the sport of tennis I must comply with TA screening requirements as prescribed within the Member Protection Policy, which requires all TA Officials Members to obtain and maintain the following:

(a) Working with Children Check (or state equivalent);
(b) National Police Check; and
(c) annual completion and signature of a Member Protection Declaration.

3. I acknowledge that I must meet TA’s Officials Membership eligibility requirements as follows:

(a) If I am a ’Full’ or ‘Regional’ Officials Member I must obtain and maintain the one of the following certifications with TA and/or the ITF: Linesperson, Chair Umpire, Court Supervisor, or Referee; and
(b) I may only register as a ‘Trainee’ Officials Member if I have been selected by TA and invited to register as a ‘Trainee’ Official.

4. TA may reject my application for an Officials Membership, accept my application but impose certain conditions, or suspend, or cancel, my Officials Membership during the membership term based on any of the following:

(a) my breach of these Conditions, including any breach which resulted in performance management during this term or a previous Officials Membership term;
(b) my breach of any policy referred to in Condition 1 above during this term or a previous Officials Membership term;
(c) my being on the Tennis Integrity Unit No Credentials List at the time of application or at any time during the Officials Membership term;
(d) the results of TA’s screening processes, my failure to deliver screening documents, or TA otherwise becoming aware of other information about actual or alleged criminal activities;
(e) my failure to meet TA’s insurance eligibility requirements;
(f) my failure to maintain a valid Working with Children Check or National Police Check;
(g) any change to my Working with Children status;
(h) my having been found (by TA, any of its State-based Member Associations, or a relevant tribunal) to have committed an offence under any Policy referred to in Condition 1 (above) (in the case of renewal applications, this shall include any offences found to have been committed during a previous Officials Membership term); or
(i) if TA otherwise decides it is appropriate to do so, having regard to TA’s legitimate interests in the proper governance of the sport of tennis in Australia.

5. As an Officials Member I must:

(a) act in a professional and lawful manner at all times;
(b) promote and support TA’s programs and activities to the greatest extent practicable;
(c) not do, or have previously done, anything that may, in TA’s reasonable opinion, bring TA or the sport of tennis into disrepute.

6. TA-branded uniform and equipment provided to me by TA from time to time, or purchased from TA by me, must not be on-sold, loaned, defaced or repurposed in any way, and must only be used:

(a) in the course of TA tennis events for which I have been selected to supply officiating in accordance with Condition 9; or
(b) in the course of tennis events which have been sanctioned by TA.

7. In the event that my Officials Membership is suspended or cancelled I understand that during any such period of suspension, or immediately in the event of cancellation, I must:

(a) stop wearing the TA-branded uniform;
(b) not offer my services as an official at any TA event or event conducted by a TA affiliated club; and
(c) not refer to myself as a TA Official Member, or refer to any affiliation with TA.

8. I understand that Officials Membership fees are non-refundable (even if a membership is suspended or cancelled) and Officials Membership is personal and not transferable.

9. I acknowledge that I may be selected from time to time by TA (in accordance with TA’s published selection criteria) to supply officiating at tennis events and may be paid for this supply. As such, I will:

(a) accept and abide by selection decisions made by TA; and
(b) provide any information or document reasonably requested by TA relating to this supply or the processing of related payments.

10. I have read and understood the details of the insurance cover provided to me and described at http://australia.marsh.com/programs/Tennis TennisPrograms/TennisOfficials. I accept that any additional insurance cover (including private health cover) is my sole responsibility.

11. I acknowledge that my TA Officials Membership does not oblige TA to appoint or select me to supply officiating at any
tennis events.

12. TA may amend these Conditions at any time during the membership term for operational, business, security or safety purposes and will email me if an amendment occurs.

13. I consent to TA, its State-based Member Associations and government and commercial partners taking, retaining and reproducing my image and likeness in any way pertaining to my membership or involvement in tennis. I agree that any such images or likeness may be used by any of these parties in reporting or marketing materials including online publications without any further notice or payment to me.