Lake Cathie Tennis Club

Lake Cathie Tennis Club is situated on Kalang Rd in Lake Cathie.
The club has two synthetic courts and a recently renovated and enlarged club house.
Social and internal competition matches are held during the week.
The club holds annual championship events each August/September.
he club welcomes new members and guests.
This website has details on how you can become a member.

How to access the Lake Cathie Tennis Club website

This website is hosted by Tennis Australia. We get this service provided  by being affiliated with TA.

To access our site, type into Google or into your browser:  “lake cathie tennis club”

Once you are into the Lake Cathie Tennis Club website you can  click on the “Add to favourites” button on the top RHS of your screen. You can add a folder to put it into and name it “LC Tennis”.

Next time you want to visit our site, open a new browsing page and click on the Favourites icon. It is a star on the top RHS of your screen. This will show the LC Tennis folder. Click on it to show our website link.

As a help, all emails from the club to you will have a link that you can click on to get into our site.


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