Koonung Park TC

Player requirements

Player requirements

Play can only occur if courts have been booked prior.

All players need to respect the tennis club property and other players at the club.

Foul language is not to be tolerated at any time.

Appropriate footwear must be worn on court.

Front gate should be locked at all times so that fob or pin-code entry is always required by approaching players.

All en-tout-cas courts are to be bagged at the end of each set to the back fence and watered regularly prior to and during play, especially in hot weather to protect the surface.

All euro clay courts need to be bagged at the end of the playing session.

Friends and family members can join in play for a $6 fee each session, limited to 1 court (but are encouraged to join using our casual entry package).  Payment via BSB.

Competition play and coaching is to take priority over courts. All other players need to be mindful of the competition play and not walk through courts during play.

If playing social tennis, please access courts away from the competition tennis area where possible.  Only use adjacent courts when all other courts are in use.

If using lights an additional fee of $10 per court per hr is required.  Payment is on an honesty system and is to be paid BSB to the club..

If you are the last player to leave, please ensure court gates, lights box, clubhouse and front gate are locked.