Kippax Tennis Club

The Kippax Tennis Club is located on the corner of Southern Cross Drive and Moyes Crescent Holt ACT.

The club facilities consist of four synthetic grass courts, external hitting wall, club house and a BBQ area, which are available for hire.

Membership fees are applicable for a full year from signing up or renewing.

Book a Court online today at Kippax Tennis Club using the I want to play widget below. If you would like to book further in advance, click the view schedule button

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Sunday 18 February. Lots of fun making lots of dough for our club. Put your name down at the club for a session.

New sponsor — Moby Dick’s Tavern

Kippax Tennis Club would like to welcome a new and valued sponsor in Moby Dick’s Tavern. Situated right in the heart of Kippax, Moby Dick’s has a long history in the local community, having been opened in 1976. It seems a good fit to have Moby’s on board as it has been around for even longer than our club.

Moby Dick’s in addition to becoming a sponsor has kindly offered the club the Friday night’s takings from their meat raffles – once a month – which is very generous.

So call in for a cold one and meet some friendly people and say hello to new owners, Atika and Mick, great people, great pub, and the best beer in town.

We will need some ticket sellers so I’ll let you know when our first raffle is on.


Kippax Tennis Club Wrap and Book-A-Court

Leading into the Christmas period, I wished to share a few words with you about the year at the club and news of Book-A-Court.

Foremost, thank you for your membership and for being a part of the Kippax Tennis Club community. The club has outstanding facilities that have been well cared for. Funds raised from membership contributed to the refurbishment of courts as well as continuing maintenance. I also thank you for your support to maintain the facility, this may be as simple as bagging the courts, placing rubbish in the bins or ensuring the facility is properly locked up after use. It all helps, and I appreciate your efforts.

I wish to recognise the contribution of the committee through the year. For those who don’t know, the committee lead by Graham Hamilton achieved a remarkable feat in seeing the refurbishment of the courts completed mid 2017. Our club sponsors, Tennis ACT and local government supported the refurbishment; however, the committee’s endeavour and drive to see the job done was outstanding. It should also be recognised the ongoing work the committee completes weekly to mow the lawns, clean the toilets, put the rubbish out and problem solve various issues that crop up. Those who frequent other clubs around the Canberra would understand that we have access to great courts that are well supported. As a parent and community member that utilises the courts, I am wrapped with the work – thank you.

I also wish to recognise and thank ECC Tennis for their work in promoting the game and growing tennis talent from the crop of local juniors. Adrian and Eliza with their team of coaches have worked hard through the year to work with youngster, promote the club and bring new ideas to the committee. And it is pleasing to see junior class sizes grow as we lead into summer. I look forward to taking part in Adrian’s new Cardio Tennis classes in the 2018, something I trust will aptly cater for the executive level.

Through the committee, you may be aware that a Book-A-Court installation is coming to the facility, in the week leading to Christmas or early in the new year. If you are not aware, Book-A-Court is an automated online booking system operated by Tennis Australia. I believe some eleven clubs around Canberra are already fitted with the system. For our members, the biggest change you will see is replacement of the FOB system with a keypad at the main gate. All members will be issued with a four-digit pin that will be required in order to access the courts.

If you haven’t seen or used the system previously, non-members can access the courts booking system via the online address, select a club, select a time and then pay. Following payment, a four-digit pin will be issued by email. You may then access the court/s for the duration of your booking. For night-time bookings, the system can automate lights when you enter the pin. At Kippax, we elected not to connect the lights, this was in recognition of one of the common issues the system has caused local clubs. The system will at first be controlled locally before becoming accessible online, this will enable us to get proficient with the system.

For those of you who participate in training sessions, social groups or pennants, access will be coordinated for you by the respective coach or team representative. However, for members wishing to access the courts as you need, you will be invited to register for access to the Book-A-Court system. With your access you will be able to book out the courts when they are available. I will be working with members who hold regular bookings in the period leading up to the installation of the system to ensure current arrangements are kept. I will also release further information on the system as it comes available; however, if you are unsure, please contact me at the courts or drop an email at [email protected].

Book-A-Court will make the courts more accessible, to members and the public. For the club, payments by non-members to use the courts will be directly deposited to the club, with out the need to manage money at the courts. The system will make it easier to communicate current bookings; therefore, it is expected to reduce the workload of those who have supported bookings up to now. The system will also enable us to track use of the courts. This information I believe is important to understand what we need to do as a club to support our community, particularly as West Belconnen grows. The system will also come with its issues that we will need to work through; however, I am confident we will all get to learn and run the system effectively.

Please look out for the news on Book-A-Court through email or around the club. Please also feel free to approach me to discuss your thoughts or concerns. For those who don’t know me, my wife Allison or I are usually chasing our children Thomas and Tilly around the courts for training through the week, both in the mornings and typically Thursday nights. I would also encourage you to attend the club’s committee meetings. The committee is always on the hunt for new members. The meetings will also provide you with an opportunity to learn about key issues and activities going on at the club and voice your concerns.

All the best to our tennis families for the Christmas period. I hope you get to enjoy the period with family and friends, and of course take time out for a hit. I look forward to seeing you around the club in 2018.

Kasey Jordan
Club President

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