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President's Archives May 2015 including Update

President’s Update May 2015

Hello Everyone,

I’m writing this as past President of Kensington Gardens Lawn Tennis Club and wish to take this opportunity to congratulate Neil Jones on his election (un-opposed) to the position of President for 2015/16.

I’m grateful to have been elected to the position three years ago which enabled me to serve in this role;  and I’d like to thank members for their support and encouragement along the way.

My final report to members (presented at the recent AGM) is attached and will be on our Tennis SA linked website within the next few days.  I have agreed to remain on the Tennis Committee and look forward to a new role there.  I believe that Neil possesses the qualities we need for continued strong leadership and I’m looking forward to working with him in the new Committee.

Sale of the Entertainment Books is up and running for the 2015/16 Season and I have now received the initial stock.  Please feel free to contact me on my mobile 0438 843 148 or my email account:[email protected]  (don’t forget the ‘j’ in the middle!) and I will arrange to get the book/s to you.  The cost is $65, with $13 of that amount coming back to the Club.

Our Junior Program is continuing a steady rise in popularity thanks to Rob Endenburg’s  energy and enthusiasm.  I encourage members to see for themselves what some of the time and dedication has achieved – by visiting our neighbouring Club at the hard-courts of ETKG where a Junior Tournament will be played tomorrow morning, Sunday 31st May,  from 10.00a.m.   Here’s an extract from Rob’s email to the parents/carers of our ‘HotShots’ Juniors:         “The overall playing experience for the Hot Shots Tournament is an opportunity to display players abilities, and get the  feel of playing opponents whilst showing their court etiquette and demeanour……………. We will still run Hot Shots Training as per usual …but starting at 9.30am so we can give our tournament entry players a warm up and then escort them up to the hard courts as a team!”    It’s this kind of professional management that our Juniors (the Kensi HotShots) have come to expect;  and word-of-mouth advertising has been a marvellous tool in the expansion of our Program. Rob is continuing the Program – which is based at our Club but being played on adjacent hard-courts throughout the Winter.  Please see our link on the Tennis SA website at for more details about the Juniors and other activities.

With all best wishes,

Gloria  Sumner

 President’s Report to the Annual General Meeting of the

Kensington Gardens Lawn Tennis Club 09 May, 2015 

It’s been very difficult to write this report since it is my last as President of this very fine Club.  I said that I would not stand in the way of anyone nominating for the position and I am committed to that statement as you will see shortly when the nominations are announced.  Therefore, it is with very mixed feelings that I address you now.

To those members who come along each week to play tennis and enjoy our marvellous facilities I ask you to take a moment to reflect on how this happens.  The Clubrooms are open, the nets are new and available to be put up – if not already on the court; the courts are lined; and for most, there are new balls, or good quality used balls freely available.  It was once described to me that such organisation is like a duck on a pond.  The duck seems to glide along effortlessly, but “there’s a hell of a lot of work going on beneath the surface”.  To all the people – and there are many – who do this work I would like to take this opportunity to thank them.  I can’t mention everyone by name but I must mention the principals at the pointy end:

▪Wayne Campbell, Vice-President and Co-ordinator of Saturday Morning Men’s Tennis. Wayne is Bar Manager for the Upstairs Bar which he undertook without hesitation when asked if he would do so.  The Bar Manager’s role is a complex one and Wayne undertakes it in his usual tactful, professional manner.

▪David Henderson manages the Security Roster.  David is also the person who purchases, stores & distributes the balls, including sorting & sale of used balls.  He is also one of the stalwarts who volunteer behind the Bar on a regular basis.

▪Thanks too to Ron Burns who assists with Bar Service and is part of that great team.

▪Glenn Roder maintains the nets and related equipment and is another of the Bar Attendant Champions and Assistants to Wayne

▪Edwina Baird, Tennis Secretary: another huge job which Edwina manages professionally and efficiently, together with her role as Secretary of the Mid-Week Ladies Comp.

▪Ron Weir in his first year as Treasurer has done a marvellous job, jumping in at the deep end on the resignation of Graham Copley who had served in this role for more years than he cared to remember I believe.  Ron is another calm, competent member of the Committee who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves when it comes to volunteering within the Club.

▪Wayne, Edwina and Ron, the Executive Members of the Committee, have been my rocks – especially during this current season which has seen some difficult times for the Committee.

▪I’d like to make special mention of Graham Copley who has always been willing to lend a hand.  I have appreciated Graham’s support and encouragement during my tenure as President and his as Treasurer.  He has been a valuable member for many years and his departure from the Club is indeed a loss.

▪Rosie Budenberg continues to co-ordinate the Mid-Week Ladies Comp as their President and together with her Committee has made a valuable contribution to the life and finances of the Club as a whole.

▪Rosie also took over from David Perry as the Co-ordinator of Monday Night Tennis.  Rosie continues to run this facet of Club activity as the well-oiled machine David established.

▪Although David chose not to re-join the Club this season I wish to acknowledge the substantial contribution he made to the life of the Club through management of the Bar and the establishment of Monday Night Tennis, not to mention the stint he served as my predecessor.

▪Tony Binks has done a very fine job maintaining our data base as Membership Officer and helping chase down those laggards who don’t pay their fees.

▪Tom Bullock is always willing to assist.  I regard Tom as our Resident Sage and am always grateful for his contribution as a Committee member.

▪Rob Endenberg is last on the list of Committee Members I wish to thank for his outstanding service to the Club and support of me in my role as President.  I have been involved with Junior Tennis since I was a junior! It has been a vision of mine to re-establish Juniors at “Kensi” and when the proposition was accepted by the Committee, I had no hesitation in contacting Rob.  At our initial planning meeting the air became electric with his energy and enthusiasm for the project.  Without his energy, enthusiasm, creativity and tenacity, Juniors would most certainly not have returned to our Club.

Despite my three requests to the General Treasurer for a “Setting up Fund of $500 for Juniors” not a cent was forthcoming. Undaunted we pressed on with money from our own pockets and with the support of Rob’s wife, Monika and his 3 children.  Professional Coaches: the La Ginesgtra twins, Declan and Jay, were assisted by Alex and Morgan Endenberg. Then Tennis SA HotShots Program; Dunlop Slazenger, along with Vito Ciccozzi,

State Sales Manager for Lavazza Coffee were very supportive of our goal and KGLTC  HotShots Junior Program was established.

I am very grateful to Romeo Bros. Erindale Foodland Store, Simply Fresh Fruiterers of Erindale, Wattle Park Specialty Meats & Skye Cellars for their generous contributions of goods and/or vouchers for raffle prizes for the MidWeek Ladies raffles which were held to raise money for our Junior Program.  With total income nearing $3,000 under the leadership of the Director of Junior Development, Rob Endenberg, KGLTC has shown what a successful venture our Junior Program has become – and continues through the Winter Term.  Well done everyone!  Congratulations Rob.

▪John Mazzocato, MD of Skye Cellars deserves special mention for his support of our fund-raising efforts in the continuation of the Tennis Club Wine and the commission we receive from sales of that and other labels offered by John to support the Club.  His generosity has been overwhelming since I first established contact and set up the agreement for the Club Wine.  He has provided staff for Wine Tastings and more recently for the Wine Dinner held earlier this season.  I would encourage members to try the wine advertised on our Skye Cellars Order Forms.  Skye Cellars delivers the wine free of delivery charge anywhere in mainland Australia and we receive $1 per bottle for every carton (of 12 bottles) sold.  Mixed dozens are available or you might like to share a carton with a friend.  Cheers John!

▪I’ll repeat what I’ve said before: there are members who volunteer for various jobs around the Club and go about their work quietly and calmly – almost invisibly – taking pride in their contribution to the Club “because it’s for the Club”.  One of these volunteers is John McLachlan who has been (among other work at the Club) tending our potted plants all season, ensuring that they maintain a cheery presence on the veranda despite the searing heat and strong wind.  Thank you John for a job well done!    Congratulations and thank you one and all!

▪Competition Tennis has been well run thanks to the organisers of each section – Wayne Campbell and Rosie Budenberg – and to the co-operation of members.  Again this year we have taken out pennants across the Men’s and Ladies Comps.

▪Social Tennis has been well attended during the week and on weekends although the number of ladies on Saturday afternoons has diminished due in part to ill health of several members.  Wednesday Night Tennis has seen mixed fortunes during the season but we are pleased to have a small core of regulars who enjoy their tennis and make it worthwhile for us to use the lights.

▪Our Green Keepers, David and Sharon Rogers have had a tough time keeping our courts to the standard we have come to expect.  The drought conditions again this summer and problems with the watering system have added to their challenges but with the co-operation of members adhering to the “Court Closed” signs they have managed to keep all 15 courts alive and playable.  They have already closed a few courts in order to give them special attention;  others will follow shortly until all courts will be closed for rejuvenation over Winter and early Spring.

▪Our regular social functions – the Annual Summer Brunch in February and the Quiz Night in March were both well organised by members of the Committee and volunteers from within the Club.  Wayne Campbell and his wife Diane arranged for a group of young musicians from St. Ignatius’ College to entertain us during the Brunch with a selection of light jazz music.   The music was enjoyed by all and the young musicians were a credit to themselves and to their school.   The Wattle Park Bakery,  Romeo Bros. Erindale Foodland Store and Simply Fresh Fruiterers of Erindale provided the food for this year’s Brunch at generous discount and marvellous donations.

▪The Quiz Night was another successful venture hosted by Quizmaster and long-term Tennis Member, John Lewis. John was assisted again this year by John & Marianna Henderson and Ian and Dee Cooper.  Thanks to Wayne Campbell & Edwina Baird who welcomed people at the door and received their entrance fees.  Thanks also to David Henderson & Glenn Roder who looked after the Bar for this event.   We are very grateful to the members and friends who donated goods and services for the Lucky Dip and Silent Auction.  Special mention must be made of the marvellous gift a friend of KGLTC and renowned South Australian Artist, Lyn Robins made to us for the Silent Auction.  Lyn presented us with her work entitled “Second Valley” which had been conservatively valued at $1500.  The work was passed in at the Auction and now rests (on consignment) at the David Sumner Gallery, 359 Greenhill Road, Toorak Gardens where it is available for purchase.

Another generous gift by a friend of KGLTC for the Silent Auction was two framed photographs by internationally-recognised photographer, Derek Rogers.  The biographies of both these artists will soon be on our Tennis SA Website [link] at   The establishment of this website is thanks to the skill of our Web Designer, Rob Endenberg who accepted the invitation of Tennis SA to host a free link for our Club.

I set out in this role to grow the membership through establishment of a Junior Program, to develop a thriving and on-going Sponsorship Program, to promote wider use of our facilities for Sunday and Night Tennis and to try to lead calmly and professionally.  I’ve tried to keep members informed of our activities and to encourage everyone to participate in our fund-raising activities without being a bore about it.   Recently I’ve been working on some exciting plans with members of other tennis clubs and it will be for our new President and his Committee to explore the relevance or otherwise of these initiatives.   In these straightened economic times it’s difficult to achieve 100% of all of these goals, however, I’m proud of the work I’ve done and the contribution I’ve made.

I’d like to thank members for their support and encouragement; and I look forward to many more years of happy tennis with you.

Gloria Sumner,