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Book a Court

Use the Book-a-Court Widget or follow this link to Book a Court at Kew Tennis Club

Kew Tennis Club has 4 synthetic grass courts.

The courts can be hired by members and non-members when not in use for competition or coaching purposes.

Bookings are not instantaneous, you must make your booking at least 15 minutes before your intended start time.

Always enter your PIN at the gate to ensure you activate your booking.

Look for the green light and listen for 2 beeps which indicate your PIN had been accepted.


Members Hire Fees*

*Members must be financial and registered with Book a Court at Kew Tennis Club to enjoy members hire rates.

Off peak court hire – Free

Peak court hire – $10 per hour

Plus Visitors fee for member’s guests payable at time of play


Members Booking Conditions

Advance booking period is 14 days

Maximum of 2 bookings per day

Courts are booked in 30 minute blocks

Minimum duration 30 minutes

Maximum duration 2 hours

Members also have a general access code to enter the clubhouse and may play on a vacant court.  A court must be vacated immediately if a booking arrives.

Members are encouraged to check court availability online and make a booking.


Non-members Hire Fees

Advance booking period is 7 days

Off peak court hire – $20 per hour

Peak Court hire – $30 per hour


Non-members Booking Conditions

Advance booking period 7 days

Maximum of 1 booking per day

Courts can be booked in 30 minute blocks

Minimum Duration of booking is 1 Hour

Maximum Duration of booking is 2 Hours



Paid bookings cancelled 24 hours or more in advance receive an automatic refund (minus service charges)



As bookings can be made well in advance there is always the possibility that a rain event could result in only part or none of the booking being utilised.  If you are unable to use your paid booking fully due to rain, contact the President within 24 hours via email [email protected] stating the time play was abandoned.  You will be offered an alternative booking for the unused time or a refund of the unused portion of the booking fee (excluding service charges).


Lights and bookings in Peak hours

Always enter your Pin for your booking on entry regardless of whether the gate is open or the lights are on.  The Book a Court system controls the lights.

Your Pin is active 15 minutes before the start of your booking and for 15 minutes after the end of your booking.  You must enter your Pin in this time window of time.  You will hear 2 beeps if your Pin is accepted.

If you do not enter your Pin correctly your booking is not active and the lights may turn off/not start.

In the Peak period the lights only come on when the light sensor says there is insufficient light and a booking is active on the court.

We have new LED lights on Courts 1 & 2. These turn on and off immediately.

The lights on Courts 3&4 are old style globes (except for one LED light in the middle on Court 3). Please be patient the old style lights have a long warm up and cool down period.  If they go off they may take up to 15 minutes or so to restart.  The system allows for this by allowing an extra 15 minutes of light at the end of a booking so the next booking is not affected if they are a little late arriving.  This is why you will sometimes see the lights on when you arrive.

If you do not enter your booking Pin correctly on entry the lights will go off during your booking.