Kardinya Tennis Club


It’s great to be a member of a sporting club! You can make new friends, play tennis whenever you like, participate in club events, and help build your local community.

Our Member and Player Policy 2019 explains our membership categories, especially for families and under 18s, plus has piles of practical information for members.

Member and Player fees 2019/2020

Memberships are renewed each year on September 30.

If you join from March, fees are half price. If you join after June, fees cover the rest of that year PLUS the following year.

Junior Player (under 18) $100
Senior Member (over 15) $160
Senior Member Concession (student, senior, other concession) $110
Parent Member Non-Playing (parent of Junior Player) $30
Key deposit (key optional, only for adult Members) $30
Friend of KTC (get our club communications, so you know about events) Free


We want to encourage families to join, so we limit the cost of annual membership to $270 per family (two adults and all children living at home). Each person still signs up as an individual member. Talk to our Registrar, or email the club to discuss options to suit you.

New Member?

Option 1: Registering the old-fashioned way

  1. Download and complete this Member and Player Application 2018.
  2. Make the payment online BSB 066 144 Account 0090 0929 or give cash with the form.
  3. Email the form to the club [email protected] or give it to a committee member (not to coaches please).
  4. We will create your account for you.
  5. Let us know if you want a key or a shirt and we can help you with that, too.

Option 2: Registering online

Please read the tips first (or as you go).

Click here to register as a member of KTC

  • Tip #1 Registering online will also create a Tennis Account for you, which is valid all over Australia. So if you have been a member of another club, when you see the GET COURT UP screen, make sure you click on ‘ALREADY A MEMBER? Log in to tennis.’ Don’t ‘join’ again, as this will create two of you, and we are unable to put you back together. Or you could run into ’email address already used’ problems.
  • Tip #2 There is sneaky small print for U15s – don’t miss it.
  • Tip #3 Later in the process, please say ‘yes’ to ‘club notifications’. This is how we send you newsletters and notice of meetings.
  • Tip #4 Families, remember to pay a maximum of $260 for memberships, no matter what the invoices add up to.

Members of KTC re-registering?

Option 1. Re-register by paying your membership fee into the club’s bank account BSB 066 144 Account 0090 0929, then emailing the club with your instructions. Something like: ‘Please sign me up again as an Adult Member in 2018/2019, I paid my membership fee into the bank on x date, with reference xx. Sincerely, xxxx’. Simple.


Option 2. Re-register online (please read the tip).

TIP: When you see the GET COURT UP screen, make sure you click on ‘ALREADY A MEMBER? Log in to tennis.’ Don’t ‘join’ again, as this will create two of you, and we are unable to put you back together. This applies if you have ever had a Tennis Account at ANY club in Australia (using that email address, Facebook login, etc). If you don’t know, or can’t remember, the club can look and see if you already have a tennis account and what your email login was.

Keys and Club Shirts

Adult Members are entitled to a key if they want one. They are available for a $30 deposit. Contact Geoff Thomas to arrange to pick it up. If you would like a key, pay $30 into the bank, labelled ‘key’ and ‘your name’ or bring cash when you pick it up.  Same for the club shirts, $35 each (kept at the club now).

KTC Bank Details

Make payments to KTC at Commonwealth Bank BSB 066 144 Account 0090 0929.

If there are not enough character spaces to clearly describe who you are and what you have just paid for, send an email to the club explaining and we will match it up.

Update your Details

Our database is linked (and is subordinate to) to the Tennis Australia database. This means, if you have a Tennis Account (most of you will), there are certain fields the club can’t update for you – you have to do it yourself, as the account belongs to you. Updating your Tennis Account will automatically update the club database.

Go to https://www.tennis.com.au/ – log in and update your profile. It can be a little temperamental, but Tennis Australia in Melbourne will happily help you sort out any bugs. Calling them is the fastest, easiest and most powerful way to sort things out.

Technical support (Tennis Australia in Melbourne) 1800 752 983.