Junior Programs

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ANZ Tennis Hot Shots (ANZTHS) is just for kids. Smaller courts, lighter racquets and low-compression balls that don’t bounce too high make learning tennis fun and easy for primary school-aged children. This means that kids are able to start rallying and having fun right from their first lesson!

There are three stages – Red, Orange and Green – that help to develop children’s skills and confidence. Children are taught by qualified Tennis Australia coaches and progress at their pace, moving on to the next stage when they are ready

TENNIS PROGRAM (Red, Orange, Green).


Played on a smaller court with softer balls. Fundamental movement and coordination skills with an introduction to rallying and  match play.A great start to tennis where skills can be developed in a fun environment.
Improve your skills on a larger court, a transitional ball is used  so ball is still bouncing in line with the height of the children.The Orange Tennis baseline is half way between the service line and the baseline.
Played on a full size court with full size tennis balls. Children  are taught more about the technical, tactical, physical and mental sides of the game. Match play is essential via fixtures in this stage and records of results should be kept for coach to analyze and give feedback


CHALLENGER TENNIS (Age 12 – 16 Years)
Very similar to green tennis in court size, technical,tactical and physical approaches but is geared mentally towards the teen age groups.
ACADEMY TENNIS (Based on Ability)
These juniors are dedicated to improve  to their maximum potential with the goal of competing at JDS tournaments. Our Academy players are consistently committed to both fitness and high level coaching sessions during the week
Tournament Squad
Players engage tennis on a full size courtplaying advanced technical, tactical, physical and mental sides of the game. They are expected to compete at state level.