About Us


About Us

Contact Details

  • Address: Fitzgerald Esplanade Innisfail, Queensland 4860
  • Postal Adress: PO Box 922, Innisfail Queensland 4860
  • Phone: 07 4061 3777
  • Email: [email protected]
  • All club related email correspondence is to explicitly be directed to the above email address (effective 2/12/2015).


  • President: Leon Awee JP(Qual)
  • Vice President: Mike Earnst
  • Secretary: Marg Tinney
  • Treasurer: Trish McCarthy
  • Committee Members: Kath Martin,  Tony Snell, Geoff Smart, Kerry Spollen

Coaching and Management

Coaching and Management of Innisfail Tennis Club is provided by Baseline Tennis Management. For more details visit Baseline at The Coaching Team at Innisfail is :

  • Wayne Fielder– Head Coach and Manager
  • Brent Lewis – Tennis Coach
  • Theo Selimi  – Tennis Assistant
  • Alex Dorante  – Tennis Assistant
  • Isaac Santito – Tennis Assistant
  • Evan Fielder – Tennis Assistant