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Corporate Tennis Challenge - 28 October 2014

15 October 2014 |

Home Hill Tennis is calling for all business to enter in the 2014 Home Hill Tennis Corporate Tennis Challenge.

The event, to be held on Tuesday 28 October has not been run for several years and the committee is hopeful that local business support the event by entering a team of four players.

With matches being played with the new Fast Four Tennis Format, players will be in for an exciting night.

“Fast Four Tennis is an exciting new format, in which players only play to four games, with short deuce and no lets.” said Event Organiser Bradley McAllister.  “This means matches are quick and enables more games to be played.”  The format, used in this years Northern Tennis League was a resounding hit with players.  “We are also using Low Compression balls, which are easier for newer players but making it slightly more difficult for the seasoned players to help level the playing field.”

To register for the event, contact Bradley McAllister on 0408 932 923 or email [email protected]