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Monday Night Mixed Doubles

The competition is held on Monday nights commencing at 7.00pm and running through to approximately 9.00pm.  Playing formats can also vary from season to season however each team member will play a total of 3 sets of timed tennis (30 minutes per set) each night.

Ball fees ($85 Per Season) are due within four weeks of fixtures starting (in addition to club membership fees).  In the event of wet weather a credit will be given for the following season’s fixtures.

If you are interested in playing please contact Mick Woods 0437 346 341 or Bradley McAllister 0408 932 923


2014 Winter Season

Results & Ladder: Click Here


Casual Sets

Footwork Fanatics

Hit The Line

Net Setters

Quick Service

Jay Leckenby

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Justin Vidler

Ben Wharton

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Alex Collinson

Simon Davies

Elliott Gullota

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