Holdfast Tennis Club


Code of Conduct

Holdfast Tennis Club adheres to the Tennis Australia code of conduct

  • Players should not physical abuse other players
  • Players should not verbally abuse other players
  • Players should not use audible obscenities
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct – a player shall at all times conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner and give due regard to the authority of officials and the rights of opponents, spectators and others. This may include
    • failure to return the ball appropriately to the server
    • inappropriate or unsportsmanlike comments or gestures
    • failure to call lines fairly on a consistent basis
    • unreasonable delays
    • abuse of racquets, equipment or backstop
    • abuse of balls (hit, kick or throw a tennis ball in anger)
  • A player shall not receive any type of coaching from any person while a match is in progress. Coaching shall be permitted where there is an off-court break between sets or during interruptions to play caused by bad weather or light where players leave the court.
  • A match should not be disrupted or interfered with by the action/s of a spectator who is part of a player’s entourage (i.e. parent, family member or friend)

Inclement weather

If matches are cancelled this will be notified on the Glenelg District Tennis Association website


All match play will be cancelled when the forecast maximum in the Advertiser is 37 degrees or more at 6am (both junior and senior competitions)



 All Holdfast members are insured under a group policy administered by Glenelg District Tennis Association.