Holdfast Tennis Club

About Us

The spirit and passion of members is the hallmark of the Holdfast Tennis Club. From its inception in 1902 until the present day this has not altered. The Holdfast Tennis Club has a strong base of 140 registered members with 7 senior teams and 15 junior teams. This makes the Club one of the largest club in the district with an optimistic and vital future.

Many Australian champions have been nurtured throughout the facilities and coaching provided at the Club. Holdfast Tennis Club has had many ‘champions’ – not only in tennis success but also in the many community members that have defined the culture of the club.

Holdfast Tennis Club fosters teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility, social interaction, self-esteem and healthy competition, all of which are values that our members take with them as they take their place in our community. Winning is a bonus but it is the underling values that are most important.

One of our past presidents, Bob Klingberg, took up the challenge of securing the club’s future by visiting local schools and talking about the fun and mateship at the Club. This series of school visits attracted many members and the club went from one junior girls team in 1993 to three boys and three girls’ teams by 1995. By 2001 the numbers of teams, both senior and junior, had significantly increased and funds were generated to send junior members to Kuala Lumpur. This program became an ongoing program for interstate and overseas interaction.

The continued growth of junior teams has provided many benefits to the Club – not only in funding improved facilities but also in succession planning as our juniors moved into senior ranks. While many community clubs struggle to survive the Holdfast Tennis Club continue to generate new talent as well as new members and new families and continues to involve the community.

Holdfast Tennis Club is seen as a family based community club with a unique in-house professional coaching operation run by Mike and Robyn Kenny – both long time members. Robyn and Mike have played no small part in growing the number of junior teams from one to thirty teams. Even though the teams have now reduced in number, Holdfast has remained to this day as one of the strongest clubs in the district in terms of junior membership.

We want to improve our Williams Avenue facility to ensure both senior members and junior members have the best environment in which to participate and feel proud to belong.