Hornsby Kuring-gai District Tennis Association

Club Championships 2017

2017 Club Championships

Details of all events are listed in the table below, including the provisionally scheduled date and the current number of entries.  Events where a date has not yet been set are marked “(tba)”. Click on the name of an event for the draw.

For all events where we have received sufficient entries that event will be held on the date originally scheduled, for other events please put your entry in and once we have enough entries we will arrange a date to play. For Open events the aim is to have 8 entries before a date will be set, for all other events once a minimum of 4 entries has been received the event will be scheduled.

Online entries are preferred (see bottom of page), but if necessary you can enter using the forms in the Pro Shop or clubhouses.

Adult Event Status Junior Event  Status
President’s Champion Round 1: TBA Under 10 Girls Singles Vesna Marinkov
Open Men’s Singles
(Matthews Cup)
Ian Choat  Under 10 Boys Singles Miles McNee
Open Ladies’ Singles Kitty Yang Under 12 Girls Singles Jodie Drever
Open Men’s Doubles Draw available, please contact your opponent and organise a time to play Under 12 Boys Singles Leo Phijidvijan
Open Ladies’ Doubles (tba) Under 14 Girls Singles
Open Mixed Doubles Ruth Blundell & Ian Choat Under 14 Boys Singles James Champion
A Grade Men’s Singles Michael Zhang Under 16 Girls Singles tba
A Grade Ladies Singles Ruth Blundell Under 16 Boys Singles James Champion
A Grade Men’s Doubles James Champion & Ian Westmoreland Under 18 Girls Singles tba
A Grade Ladies’ Doubles (tba) Under 18 Boys Singles tba
A Grade Mixed Doubles Sally Harvey & Ian Westmoreland Under 10 Girls Doubles (tba)
B Grade Men’s Singles Geoff Swan Under 10 Boys Doubles (tba)
B Grade Ladies’ Singles (tba) – 1 entry Under 12 Girls Doubles (tba)
B Grade Men’s Doubles Final: Noone/Tillekeratne -v- Fogarty/Thomas Under 12 Boys Doubles (tba) Entries
B Grade Ladies’ Doubles (tba) – 0 entries Under 14 Girls Doubles (tba)
B Grade Mixed Doubles  (tba) – 2 entries Under 14 Boys Doubles (tba)
Veteran Men’s Singles Eddy Watson Under 16 Girls Doubles (tba)
Veteran Ladies’ Singles (tba) Under 16 Boys Doubles (tba)
Veteran Men’s Doubles Dennis Carter & Ian Westmoreland Under 18 Girls Doubles (tba)
Veteran Ladies’ Doubles  (tba) – 1 entry Under 18 Boys Doubles (tba)
Veteran Mixed Doubles  (tba) – 2 entries
Super Veteran Men’s Singles  (tba) – 3 entries
Super Veteran Ladies’ Singles  (tba) – 1 entry
Super Veteran Men’s Doubles  (tba) – 1 entry
Super Veteran Ladies’ Doubles (tba) – 1 entry
Super Veteran Mixed Doubles (tba) – 1 entry

Tournament conditions and entry forms

Below are the links for online entry:

Adult events

Junior events

Good luck to everybody in their matches!