Heathmont Tennis Club


2021/2022 Membership (1st April 2021 – 31st March 2022)

Heathmont offers a range of membership options to cater for all players.

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Payment Options: EFT (Club Preferred), Cash, Cheque or Credit Card

For assistance with online membership please see the following video.

*Membership Fee’s 2021/2022*

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Join between now and April and get the first period included in your membership.

For 2021/22 Membership Application Form (New Members), click Heathmont TC Membership Application Form 2021-2022.

For 2021/22 Membership Form (Existing Members), click Heathmont TC Membership Form 2021-2022.

For 2021/22 Associate Membership form, click Heathmont TC Associate Membership Form 2021-2022.

  • Fill in your details on the application form and post it with your payment to:-
    The Treasurer
    Heathmont Tennis Club
    P.O. Box 709
    Heathmont VIC 3135
  • Or fill out your application form and enter the EFT reference and date or add cash or cheque and put in an envelope and put in the safe in the kitchen
  • Or pay by bank transfer and email your application form along with a copy of the bank receipt to the [email protected]. (Banking details are on the application form.)

If you have any queries, please contact Rebecca Trevillian at [email protected].

Member Category Full Year
(1st April – 31st March)
(Oct 1st – 31st March)
– All listed members can play any competition
– Court Key can be purchased 
$310 $190
Social Family
– All listed members can play night tennis, plus social hits
– Court key can be purchased 
$150 $90
– Playing members over the age of 18 years
– Court Key can be purchased 
$155 $90
– Playing member with a Student (full-time), Seniors, Pension Card or Veterans Affairs Card
– Please supply your seniors card number
– Court Key can be purchased 
$110 $70
– Playing night tennis member, plus social hits
– Court Key can be purchased 
$50 $30
– Playing member under the age of 18 years
– Court Key can be purchased, however a parental consent form must be signed.
$105 $70
– Vic Pennant competition player only.
Includes Ball Money & Team Entry Costs
$100 NA
– Night tennis only, no other playing rights
– Cannot play club championships
– Court Key CANNOT be purchased 
$30 $20
Associate Member
– Ideal for Coaching Participants, Hot Shots and Parents.
– Ability to hire courts

– Use courts before and after lessons
– Participate in Club/Coaching Social Events
– Covered by Tennis Vic Insurance
– Be informed via Club Communications
– Court Key CANNOT be purchased
NO Competition playing rights
$0 $0
Court Key
– $15 is refundable on return of Court Key
$30 $30

*Associate Membership*
This membership is for Coaching Pupils, Hot Shot Kids and Parents involved at the club.
Associate Membership Benefits:

  • Ability to hire Courts
  • Use of the courts before and after coaching lessons
  • Participate in Club/Coaching social events
  • Be covered by Tennis Victoria Insurance
  • Be informed via club communications of what’s happening at the club
    Associate Membership does not provide competition playing rights or access to court key.